Executive Coaching

Transformative Coaching for Executives

Optimize your leadership potential with our Executive Coaching and Leadership Development Training, offering both virtual and in-person services tailored to the unique needs of C-suite leaders and high-potential emerging managers. Our programs are designed to elevate personal and professional success for both individual executives and organizations.

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Tailored Executive Coaching for Optimal Performance

We help C-suite leaders as well as high-potential emerging managers/leaders reach personal and professional success. We customize our programs for both individual executives and organizations.

After coaching thousands of leaders over several decades, our work is grounded in science and best business practices to provide you and your organizational leaders with the tools, direction, and feedback they need to achieve optimal results.
We utilize multiple modalities to help you and your organization achieve peak performance. We help leaders feel their best and perform at their best!

Executives who work with us report greater clarity and ability to focus, higher productivity, improved executive presence and communication, better presentation skills, more engaged teams, reduced stress, more resilience, greater confidence in themselves, better time and energy management, a sense of self-mastery, and improved well-being.

Transformative Outcomes

Through executive coaching, you can expect to:

Improve Executive Presence and Leadership Abilities

Discover and Leverage Your Strengths

Reduce Absenteeism, Presenteeism, Burnout, and Turnover

Reduce Stress, Create Wellness, and Increase Self-Awareness

Improve Mental Strength, Mindset, and Motivation

Improve Productivity, Focus, and Bottom Line Results

Enhance Creative Problem-Solving, and Innovative Thinking

Improve Communication, Engagement, and Build High-Performing Teams

From Reactive to Proactive: The Power of Mindful Performance

Mindful Performance (MP) is at the heart of our coaching philosophy, guiding leaders from habitual reactions to skillful responses. This shift not only leads to a happier and healthier life but also ensures higher productivity and effectiveness.

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A group of six people is seated around a table in a meeting room, listening to an executive who is standing and speaking while holding papers. Some attendees are using laptops, while others have paper documents. This coaching session aims to enhance team performance and achieve organizational goals.

Expert Guidance by Seasoned Professionals

Angela and Dennis, with their extensive backgrounds in Counseling Psychology, coaching certifications, and business acumen, have dedicated their careers to supporting executives in achieving their personal and professional goals. Their expertise is recognized through TED Talks, contributions to both television and print media, and authorship of influential books.

Mastering Mindful Presentations

Fear of public speaking is the #1 fear of most people. Executives, who are often not trained in public speaking, are required to deliver industry messages as well as team messages. Utilizing a combination of traditional tried-and-true platform strategies along with unique mindfulness tools, we can help you get over stage-fright, unskillfulness, and deliver your message confidently. We can help you take your presentation from good to great! In this unique coaching program, you will learn how to:

  • Practicing effective platform skills
  • Applying mindfulness for calm and focus
  • Avoiding presentation pitfalls
  • Incorporating storytelling, PowerPoint, and experiential elements
  • Overcoming public speaking anxiety
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A virtual coaching session in progress on a laptop screen with nine participants.

Beyond Coaching: A Note on Mental Health

Please note: The focus of coaching is on personal and professional growth, development, and fulfillment. Mental health issues are beyond the scope of the coaching relationship. Even though we have Master’s degrees in Counseling Psychology and Angela is a licensed psychotherapist, we are not practicing counseling during the coaching relationship. If a mental health issue emerges during our work together in coaching, we will refer you to a mental health clinician.

Virtual or In-Person Services!

Transform your leadership skills and boost team performance with our Executive Coaching, available virtually or in-person. Start your journey to excellence today—contact us to customize your path to success.