Transformative Counseling Services

Navigating Life's Challenges Together

Discover the path to mental and emotional wellness with our specialized counseling services. Angela Buttimer, a seasoned therapist, offers a supportive and confidential space for individuals seeking to overcome personal challenges and enhance their well-being. Utilizing an integrative mind-body approach, Angela’s practice is dedicated to fostering a collaborative and trusting therapist-client relationship, essential for achieving meaningful progress and healing.

Expertise in a Range of Emotional and Psychological Areas

Angela Buttimer provides specialized help in various aspects of mental health, including but not limited to:

Anxiety and Depression
Hormones and Menopause
Stress Reduction
Grief & Loss
Relationship Issues
Navigating Illness
A woman with dark hair wearing a blue jacket poses contemplatively with her hand on her face in front of a white brick wall, evoking a sense of reflection often found in mental health therapy.

Beyond Counseling: Explore Executive Coaching

For support outside of mental health issues, consider exploring our Executive Coaching services, where Angela extends her expertise to additional areas of personal and professional development.

Expertise in a Range of Emotional and Psychological Areas

Understanding that mental health is intrinsically linked to physical well-being, Angela’s therapeutic practices are grounded in:

  • Integrative Techniques: Combining traditional psychotherapy with holistic mind-body strategies for a comprehensive approach to wellness.
  • Personalized Therapy Plans: Tailoring each session to meet the unique needs and goals of her clients.
A digital tablet displaying a word cloud centered on the terms "personal development," with related words like "health," "motivation," "balance," and "awareness" for counseling services surrounding it, highlights topics integral to counseling and mental health.

Creating a Safe and Supportive Therapeutic Environment

Angela is committed to providing a space where clients feel:

  • Valued and Heard: Every client’s story is met with empathy, respect, and confidentiality.
  • Empowered to Explore: Encouraging self-expression, discovery, and the pursuit of positive change.
  • Supported to Act: Facilitating actionable steps towards personal growth and healing.
A person wearing a white jacket is holding a clipboard and taking notes during what appears to be a mental health consultation, while another person sits on a couch in the background.
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Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing?

Angela’s counseling services offer the compassionate support and expert guidance you need to navigate life’s challenges.

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